The Most Common Misconceptions About Inspiration

I don’t talk a lot about inspiration because I believe the word itself can be misleading. I believe we give it too much power over ourselves. More power than it deserves. If we are going to talk about inspiration, we have to start by dispelling some of the most common misconceptions:

  • It is something we have to wait for
  • It exists outside of ourselves
  • It is difficult to tap into
  • It is elusive, hard to catch hold of
  • It is fleeting, it comes and goes on its own accord
  • It comes to some of us and not to others

I don’t believe any of the above are true, because all of the above render us powerless over inspiration, over our own creativity. We are not powerless. We are capable beyond our wildest imaginings, ready at a moment’s notice, with unlimited potential as to what we can create. Inspiration is summoned the moment we step into our power, the moment our words meet the page, and it wants us to know:

  • It is always available to us
  • It is something we bring forth from within ourselves
  • It is invoked through action
  • It is only as elusive as sitting down to write or picking up a paintbrush or snapping a photograph
  • It is everywhere, in all things, at all times
  • It is something everyone is capable of tapping into


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