The Creative Edge

I believe we all have an edge when it comes to creativity—a point we are afraid to go beyond. It may be publishing. It may be sharing our work and being seen. It may be showing up to the work in the first place.

My creative edge stops at publishing. I have spent my entire life writing books, but I have never published anything. If you’re reading this right now, it’s because I have gone to my edge and pushed past it… finally. I have other edges as well. Vulnerability has been an edge for me. Am I really capable of sharing who I am in such an undiluted way? If anyone reads what I have written, they will see through to who I am. I will have no shield between myself and other people’s judgments. Is that what I want? I won’t know until I go to my edge and see.

I do believe that wherever the edge is, it’s important to identify it, and start inching toward it. Slowly. You don’t have to rush. Start to entertain the idea of publishing if that’s where your edge is. Start to share small portions of your work with the people you trust. Start to be a little more vulnerable. Start to show up to the work for a few minutes each day. Wherever you feel uncomfortable, that’s your edge; that’s where you have the greatest capacity for growth. I think we have to go for it. How else will we ever know what’s waiting for us on the other side?



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