The Burden of a Dream

There are two ways of looking at a dream. There are some people who look at a dream and they think about what that dream must amount to. It must amount to success. It must amount to money. It must amount to making a difference in the world. It must amount to becoming famous in that industry. It must amount to recognition and respect. For these people, the dream quickly becomes a burden, and they move through life carrying around this burden and feeling miserable because the weight is so great.

Then there are people who look at a dream and they see it for what it already is, without anything else attached to it. It is what they love to do. It is what brings them happiness and peace. It is a source of growth. It is a source of comfort. It is who they are and who they came to this world to be. For these people, the dream carries no weight at all. They are able to step easily into the path of their dream feeling light, feeling happy, feeling blessed, feeling free, because there is no burden they have to carry.

Tell me, how are you looking at your dream?


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