Summoning Inspiration

The words I write almost always follow some sort of action on my part to summon them. Either sitting down at the computer or journaling in my notebook or quietly contemplating the world around me. It starts with a willingness to listen and observe. That’s when inspiration comes—when we are fully engaged in the present moment and making ourselves available to receive.

Here’s how the process unfolds for me:

  1. I plan in advance. I decide when I will write and I make it a priority. Sometimes that means going to bed by a certain time, waking up earlier than usual, or rearranging my schedule. It starts with making a commitment to myself that I know I will keep.
  2. I make a cup of tea and I go to my writing spot. Sometimes on my back porch. Sometimes in front of my computer. Sometimes at the coffee shop around the corner. Wherever I feel compelled to start on that particular day is where I go (and where I start is rarely where I finish).
  3. I relax into where I am. I don’t expect anything. I’m not there for any reason, except to be present and observe what unfolds. I know that by quieting my mind and listening, I am opening myself to receive. That’s all I focus on.
  4. I start writing, without knowing where it will lead; without any idea of what I will write about. I just go. And as I go, ideas start to unfold and stories start to take form.
  5. I stay with it. I continue to write for as long as it feels good, until I’m ready to stop and move on to the next thing.
  6. Then I start the process all over again.

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