Lighting a Fire to Your Wants

If you really want to be an artist, you have to stop wanting to be an artist and start writing, painting, playing, creating, composing. Throw your wanting out the window. Hold a ceremony for it if you like. Write down your wants on a piece of paper and light fire to them… watch them disintegrate before your eyes. Cut them up into tiny pieces of paper and toss them into the wind… watch them float away. Buy a shovel and bury them… write them a eulogy and say your final good-byes. After that, don’t ever speak of them again. Speak instead about the work you are doing, the progress you have made, the lessons you are learning, and the growth that’s taking place. Ask yourself at the end of each day, each week, each month, have I done the work I wanted to do? That’s all that matters. You’ll see.


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