Creativity = Small Acts of Faith


Creativity is a series of small acts of faith performed one after another without any knowledge whatsoever of where they will lead.

To draw a picture, we have to pick up a pencil and start moving it around on paper; we have to draw one small detail at a time without knowing what it will look like once all the details have been filled in.

To write a book, we have to sit down at the computer and start typing; we have to put one word blindly in front of the next without knowing what it will sound like when it’s read from beginning to end.

To capture a photograph, we have to pick up our camera and aim it at something beautiful; we have to sense when the moment is right to snap the picture without knowing how it will appear once we develop it.

We rarely approach the work with a vision of what it will become; to do so would take us away from the spontaneity of the moment. Art relies on intuition. Whether we are drawing a picture or writing a book or taking a photograph, we are guided by that subtle intuitive pull in one direction over another. Something within us moves us forward one small step at a time. We never know where it’s leading. One small act of faith after another in an unknown direction leads us to discover who we are and what we are capable of.


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