Hope Koppelman is a writer and truth seeker living in Asheville, North Carolina. She has devoted her life to delving deeply into all she loves—writing, spirituality, yoga, books, friendship, philosophy, and love itself. She is the co-author of the bestselling book, Love Your Life in 30 Days (written with friend and mentor, Mike Dooley). She has two books in progress that will be releasing in 2017: The Gifts of Writing, about the writing process and the creative process as a whole, as well as a children’s book, The Secrets the Earth Keeps, about the interconnectedness of all things. Her longtime commitment serving as the editor and creative director of TUT for over a decade has helped to fuel her passion for writing, spirituality, and the deeper side of life.


A brief history of my life

  • rsz_img_7927

    Born in Takoma Park, Maryland

    Born at 9:29 am on October 2, 1982. Little did I know, but yoga and meditation were already a part of my life. My mother practiced both during my birth.

  • waldorf

    ATTENDED the Waldorf School

    Thanks to my parents, I attended a school that emphasized IMAGINATION in learning and took classes like “woodwork,” “knitting,” and “eurhythmy.”

  • 1992

    WrOte my first novel

    At age 10, wrote a 24-chapter novel called “New Girl,” about pre-teen girls finding their way in the world. I decided I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

  • rsz_img_7902


    becAme a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

    My parents convinced me to start karate, and several years later I was the first female Black Belt in my school. My yell could be heard down the block.


  • rsz_img_7934

    Moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado

    My adventure-seeking parents moved our family west to the tiny mountain town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado (population: 8,000, stoplight: 1).

  • rsz_img_7940

    wOn my first writing contest

    In 7th grade, I entered a writing contest called “My American Hero,” which I wrote about my older brother. My passion for writing grew even stronger.

  • 1996

    realized that “god” does exist

    One night in bed, I asked “God” for a sign, proof of its existence. I was immediately surrounded in white light and felt a jolt of energy to my heart. My life has never been the same since.

  • san-miguel-de-allende-69748-720868

    Moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

    My jet setting parents, brother, and I left everything we knew behind in the US and set off on a new adventure to Mexico, where we lived for 6 months.

  • hope-and-mike

    GRADUATED COLLEGE & found my dream job

    Graduated from the University of Florida, scoured classified ads, and landed my dream job working for NY Times bestselling author, Mike Dooley.

  • rsz_hope_travel_3
    2006 – Present

    TravelED all over the world

    Traveled all over the world, including Egypt, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Peru, Honduras, and many other countries.

  • 2008

    FEll madly in love with yoga

    Attended my first yoga class, nearly threw up, challenged myself to stick with it, and became a Certified Yoga Instructor 6 years later.

  • 2013

    WOn a HAY HOUSE publishing prize

    Submitted a book proposal and won a publishing prize from Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. The book will be published in 2017.

  • mama

    HelpED my mother traverse

    Helped my mother cross to the next life. I feel blessed and grateful every day, her presence is a strong force that remains with me through all I do.

  • move-to-spain

    MoveD to Ronda, Spain

    Spent a month living in a tiny village in Southern Spain and fell in love with the freedom of working from anywhere.

  • rsz_dh_asheville1_1_677x380_fittoboxsmalldimension_lowercenter

    MoveD to Asheville, North Carolina

    Took a leap of faith and moved to Asheville, NC, but kept my dream job (now I work from my “mountain chateau”). It was one of the hardest and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made.

  • love-your-life-in-30-days-amazon-bestseller

    CO-PublishED my first book

    Wrote and published Love Your Life in 30 Days with friend and mentor, Mike Dooley. It became an Amazon Bestseller in its first month.

  • coming Soon

    Publishing my first solo book

    The Gifts of Writing  will be releasing in 2017.

  • coming Soon

    Publishing my first children’s book

    The Secrets the Earth Keeps  will be releasing in 2017.